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Henrik Ibsen's

The Lady from the Sea (Cancelled)

Translated by Rolf Fjelde
Directed by Shana Cooper

Mar 12, 2020

NOTICE: All performances of The Lady from the Sea were cancelled due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. A new translation of the play was produced in the 2021/22 Season → learn more here.

When a sailor returns to fulfill their promise, a lighthouse keeper’s daughter must choose between her landlocked marriage and the mesmerizing allure of the sea. Hailed as a watershed moment in Ibsen’s writing, The Lady from the Sea dissects issues of duty, marriage, and agency with raw emotion and disarming resonance. Director Shana Cooper injects the text with a visceral physicality that thrillingly reflects and refracts Ibsen’s structure and characterization.

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The Sidley Austin Foundation

Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation

Photo of Chaon Cross by Joe Mazza.

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