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Charles Newell, Marilyn F. Vitale Artistic Director
Angel Ysaguirre, Executive Director

Ron OJ Parson, Resident Artist
Nora Titone, Resident Dramaturg
Becca McCracken, C.S.A., Casting Director

Heidi Thompson SaundersManaging Director
Zachary Davis, General Manager
Lauren Kincaid-Filbey, Executive Assistant
Aaron Mays, Community Programs Manager
Patrese D. McClain, Director of Education
Kona Burks, Jennifer Glasse, Michael PogueEducation Associates
Caren Blackmore, Kona Burks, Celeste Cooper, Jennifer Glasse, Jerrell Henderson, Courtney O’Neill, Michael Pogue, Dorian Sylvain, Teaching Artists

Jennifer Gadda, Director of Production
Joshua Kaiser, Associate Production Manager/Company Manager
Christopher Walls, Assistant Technical Director
Lara Musard, Properties Manager
Erica Friesen, Costume Shop Manager
Jody Schmidt, Wardrobe Supervisor
Sarah Ramos, Sound and Video Supervisor
Emily Brown, Master Electrician
Erin Albrecht, Production Stage Manager

Susan M. Zellner, Director of Development
Qiana Moore-Nightengale, Special Events Manager
Rod Gingrich, Institutional Relations Manager
Lauren Sheely, Development Assistant

Traci Brant, Director of Marketing
Matthew Sitz, Director of Audience Services
Brent Ervin-Eickhoff, Associate Director of Marketing for Content Creation
Heather Dumdei, Box Office & Ticketing Software Manager
Gwendolyn Wiegold, Brian Nelson, Assistant Box Office Managers
Stephanie Dorris, Cameron Robertson, Maggie Strahan, Box Office Assistants
Nicholas Johnson, House Manager
Loie Hasler, Tom Story, Peyton Walker, Bartenders

Photo: Toya Turner, James Vincent Meredith, and Celeste M. Cooper in Blues for an Alabama Sky (Brosilow).