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Responsibilities of Court’s Board of Trustees include fundraising, approving the strategic direction and plans of the theatre, approving and regularly monitoring the theatre’s annual budget and advocating for Court Theatre in the community. The Board works in close concert with the University of Chicago, which bears final fiduciary and legal responsibility and authority for the theatre. Together, the Board and University guide Court’s mission and vision.

Gustavo E. Bamberger, Chair
Diane Anderson, Vice Chair
Linda Patton, Vice Chair
Dana Levinson, Secretary
Lawrence E. Strickling, Treasurer

Mary Anton
Tim Bryant
Cheryl Cooke
Joan Coppleson
Keith Crow
Sean Durkin
Roberta Evans
Lorna C. Ferguson
Barbara E. Franke
Virginia Gerst
Mary Louise Gorno
Kevin J. Hochberg
Thomas Kittle-Kamp
Karen J. Lewis
Sarah R. Marmor
Shirley Massey
Joan E. Neal
Neil Ross
Robert Shapiro
Marilyn Fatt Vitale

Honorary Trustee
Stanley Freehling


David J. Levin
Charles Newell
Larry Norman
Susana Vasquez
Angel Ysaguirre

Photo: Porgy & Bess (Michael Brosilow)