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Sister Son/Ji Sonia Sanchez Aaron Mays 3/15/2023
The Bronx is Next Sonia Sanchez Aaron Mays 3/16/2023
2×2 Sonia Sanchez Aaron Mays 3/17/2023
Jehovah’s Gold Jaye Stewart Henri Watkins 5/16/2022
Livin’ Fat Judi Ann Mason Tiffany Fulson 4/11/2022
Desdemona Toni Morrison Chris Anthony 11/8/2021
The Sty of the Blind Pig Phillip Hayes Dean Mignon McPherson Stewart 2/24/2020
Black Picture Show Bill Gunn Ernest Perry, Jr. 11/11/2019
Five on the Black Hand Side Charlie L. Russell Runako Jahi 9/23/2019
No Place to Be Somebody Charles Gordone Ron OJ Parson 6/10/2019
boogie woogie landscapes Ntozake Shange Ilesa Duncan 4/8/2019
The Mighty Gents Richard Wesley Pemon Rami 2/11/2019
The Burghers of Calais Edgar White Ron OJ Parson 11/5/2018
Long Time Since Yesterday P.J. Gibson Patrese D. McClain 10/1/2018
The Independence of Eddie Rose William S. Yellow Robe, Jr. of the Assiniboine Tribe Juan Ramirez 7/23/2018
Puddin ‘N Pete Cheryl L. West Ernest Perry, Jr. 4/16/2018
The Dance on Widow’s Row Samm-Art Williams Aaron Mays 2/26/2018
Trouble in Mind Alice Childress Sydney Chatman 11/11/2017
The Electronic Nigger Ed Bullins Cedric Mays 09/16/2017
Buffalo Hair Carlyle Brown Ron OJ Parson 07/10/2017
Roosters Milcha Sanchez-Scott Ricardo Gutierrez 05/01/2017
Who’s Got His Own Ron Milner Pemon Rami 02/27/2017
Day of Absence Douglas Turner Ward Ron OJ Parson 11/19/2016
Black Cycle Martie Charles Cheryl Lynn Bruce 08/06/2016
The River Niger Joseph A. Walker Tyla Abercrumbie 06/06/2016
The Oxcart (or La Carreta) René Marqués Eddie Torres 04/04/2016
Blues for Mister Charlie James Baldwin Aaron Todd Douglas 02/22/2016

Photo of Victor Musoni, Dionne Addai, Merrina Millsapp, Sheree Bynum, Juwon Perry, and Sean James William Parris by Ollie Photography.

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