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Agora Series: Antigone

"Justice is what love looks like in public." - Cornel West

Feb 12, 2024

The Agora Series invites thinkers, creatives, and activists to share bold ideas that shed light on the lived experiences of Chicagoans today; they are intended to connect the ideas on Court’s stage with current events. The inaugural discussion will complement Antigone.

Systems of oppression configure our daily lives through an omnipresent, inconspicuous architecture. When we pause to interrogate the design of our world, we inevitably find incongruencies between who has power and who does not, who has mobility and who is restricted. The central crisis at the heart of Antigone’s plot is the heroine’s choice to openly perform a defiant act of love, which in turn, challenges the legitimacy of an entire empire. Each panelist in this inaugural Agora is similarly committed to challenging systems of oppression. Through their advocacy, they promote a hypervisibility—a real-world theater of refusal—that centers histories and lived experiences that have been historically suppressed.

The event takes place on Monday, February 12 at Experimental Station (6100 S Blackstone Ave). Doors open and optional pre-show Communal Activations begin at 6:00pm, and the conversation begins at 6:30pm. The Agora Series is free and open to the public, and reservations are required.

Presented in partnership with

Parrhesia Public Discourse

Header artwork: Savannah E. Bowman, “the sister’s”, oil & acrylic on 16×20 canvas paper.





Articles and Interviews

On Resistance and Healing

Prefacing the new Agora Conversation Series, Director of Engagement Kamilah Rashied and mental health practitioner dr. nick alder discuss how ANTIGONE connects to modern movements of liberation, resistance, and joy.

No Progress Without Struggle

Director of Engagement Kamilah Rashied assesses the role of power in THE LION IN WINTER, ANTIGONE, and this season's Engagement programming.

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