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dr. nick alder

Photo of dr. nick alder

dr. nick alder, ph.d., (they/themme/theirs) is a creative co-conspirator, healing + liberation spacemaker + community designer, making healing and liberation irresistible (word 2 toni cade bambara). their work nurtures the creative spirit, crafts ecosystems of care, worldbuilding + possibility. they are guided by the words of Audre Lorde, “without community, there is no liberation.”

dr. nick works as a pre-licensed psychologist and founder of radical healing lab, an incubator + digital community for Black queer creativity + healing arts.

as a community organizer and cultural worker, nick creates spaces that privilege the Black genderqueer spectrum. through these spaces, nick co-dreams experience design, digital storytelling creation, and community building with the award-winning collective and cultural hub Party Noire.

embracing a research-based art practice, nick is on an ancestral assignment to foster diasporic belonging + ecosystems of care. currently, their exploration centers on devotion, creative practice, technology, and Black feminist healingways.

their current creative side quests include learning to code at Seeda School, dj’ing + digital art making.

Photo by Pooja Shah
Bio as of 12/2023

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