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Andrea Yarbrough

Photo of Andrea Yarbrough

ANDREA YARBROUGH is a multi-disciplinary artist, curator, and educator based on the South Side of Chicago, nurturing sites of care through a blend of civic engagement and art praxis. Her praxis is embodied through the collaborative placekeeping initiative called “in c/o:” (in care of), which brings together writers, curators, farmers, mamas, dancers, organizers, teachers, cultural producers, youth, and visual artists to collectively exhume the (in)visibility of care for Black women.

Andrea’s process transforms quotidian materials that are slated for waste streams into designed and utilitarian objects that serve as community resources. She incorporates the impact of solidarity and circular economies at material, individual, and communal scales. By constructing functionally designed objects, cultivating land, archiving and documenting histories of Black women, and curating exhibitions and public programs, her socially-engaged practice exemplifies how communities can reclaim and reconstruct their surroundings while navigating agency and ownership over underutilized space.

Bio as of 12/2023

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