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Learning Guide: ANTIGONE

Three people stand onstage.
Photo of Timothy Edward Kane, Ariana Burks, and Aeriel Williams by Michael Brosilow.

Check out these resources for academics, enthusiasts, and educators to support your learning and viewing of Antigone.


Oedipus Trilogy Content Collection

Activities and Resources

  • Pre-Show Vocabulary Activity: Dive into the world of literary allusions in Antigone with students before they choose a new-to-them Greek reference to explore. 
  • Glossary of the Greeks: Support your understanding of the words and world of Antigone with this thorough glossary, including key academic vocabulary and essential allusions. 
  • Pre-Show Ritual Activity: This activity for learners of all ages invites learning, reflection, and creativity around ritual-making. 
  • Antigone Quotes Activity: Use juicy quotes from the text as a jumping-off point for discussion and writing, before or after your viewing of the play. 
  • Poetry Activity: Experiment with blackout, or redacted, poetry using choral odes from Antigone and the work of contemporary Black women poets from Chicago as source texts. 
  • Post-Show Discussion Activity: After your viewing of Antigone, reflect on the production with companions, classmates, or by yourself.
  • Post-Show Classroom Activity: Map the dramas and relationships of Antigone’s family onto the modern age with this creative exploration activity. 
  • Additional Listening, Learning, and Viewing: Check out this curated list of videos, podcasts, and playlists to dig deeper into Antigone, Thebes, and the world of Court’s production. 


Photos and Videos


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Posted on January 31, 2024 in Learning Guides, Productions

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