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Two people jumping and shouting onstage. They are wearing black robes with silver metallic fringe.
Photo of Danielle Davis and Cage Sebastian Pierre by Michael Brosilow.

Check out this curated list of videos, podcasts, and playlists to dig deeper into Antigone, Thebes, and the world of Court’s production.  


  • This Spotify playlist, curated by Sound Designer and Court Theatre Teaching Artist Willow James, includes inspiration and mood music informing Court’s production of Antigone.
  • The Poets (Danielle Davis and Cage Sebastian Pierre) have created a playlist of music that informed the creation and development of their odes. Give it a listen!
  • For those who want to brush up on their Greco-Roman myths, this podcast retells the “most entertaining and enraging stories” from Greek and Roman mythology in a casual, contemporary, and occasionally sarcastic way. 
  • The urgency of a burial ritual takes center stage in Antigone. This podcast explores rituals and rites across centuries and civilizations.


  • Puzzling over Tiresias’s bird-based fortune-telling? Read up on the ancient art of augury here


  • Curious about the wars Sophocles lived through? These videos give a brief overview of the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars. 
  • This World History Encyclopedia video walks through the lives and roles of women in Ancient Greece. 

Posted on January 31, 2024 in Learning Guides, Productions

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