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Learning Guide: OEDIPUS REX

A man in a purple robe turns towards a man in white robes. He looks angry. There is a crowd of people kneeling behind the man in purple.
Photo of the Chorus of Oedipus Rex, Kelvin Roston Jr., and Christopher Donahue by Michael Brosilow.

Check out these resources for academics, enthusiasts, educators to support your learning and viewing of Oedipus Rex.


Oedipus Trilogy Content Collection

Activities and Resources

  • Prophecy Activity: Try out prophesying for yourself! This writing activity invites creativity and builds skills around audience, purpose, and tone. 
  • Gods and Rulers Activity: What institutions and figures do we treat as deities in our society today? This activity will drive discussion and give students an opportunity to dig into their visual creativity. 
  • Additional Listening, Learning, and Viewing: Check out this curated list of videos, podcasts, and further reading to dig deeper into Sophocles and the world of Oedipus!


Photos and Videos


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Posted on November 15, 2023 in Learning Guides, Productions

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