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You Don’t Own Me

Exploring the feelings, dreams, and desires of each character, this playlist offers a fun and engaging way to familiarize yourself with the themes of Caryl Churchill's FEN.

The Feminism of FEN

Everything comes from somewhere! Learn about the source text that inspired Caryl Churchill's FEN, Mary Chamberlain's seminal work FENWOMEN: A PORTRAIT OF WOMEN IN AN ENGLISH VILLAGE.

The Fenlands

Production Dramaturg Derek Matson provides an overview of the history and socioeconomic context surrounding FEN, while encouraging audiences to imagine a different, brighter future

Learning Guide: THE ISLAND

Find resources for educators to prepare for, and debrief, the production of THE ISLAND with students.

Post-Show Discussion Activity

In this round robin discussion, students choose questions about THE ISLAND that are most interesting to them to discuss in small groups.

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