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Post-Show Juxtaposition Activity

Use this classroom activity to unpack examples of juxtaposition in life, media, and FEN to more deeply understand the power of contrast. 

Pre-Show Journaling Activity

Reflect on themes from FEN through journaling prompts—suited for classrooms and continuous learners alike! 

Discussion and Story-Land Activity

As you engage with FEN, consider how repurposing land—for good or for ill—reverberates through its inhabitants, community, and the land itself.


Explore this vocabulary list for FEN compiled by dramaturg Derek Matson. These definitions may help provide some context for regional and colloquial language in the fens.

Synopsis and Characters

Read a brief synopsis of FEN, meet the play’s characters, and learn about the casting that makes this production distinct.

Theatre & Thought Series

In 2020, Court conducted a series of conversations regarding Caryl Churchill's FEN. Check out these discussions to deepen your knowledge of this ambitious, visceral production.

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