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Culture and Region as Told Through Props: ANTIGONE

Court’s Properties Manager Lara Musard explains the significance of stone in our production of Antigone, and how it serves as both a weight and a release.

The Stones

Much like our telling of Antigone was born organically from within the company, so too was the prop list. Stone surfaced as a visualization of the weight and nuance of Antigone’s decision to bury her brother and suffer death by stone for doing so. 

The cinderblock, with its jagged and heavy silhouette tied to a soft cord and tassel, represents at once Antigone’s loss of freedom and her freedom from man’s law. The stone game is one of strategy and restraint, just like the scene in which Creon and son Haimon debate Antigone’s fate.

Presenting stone on stage serves to maintain a collective consciousness of the looming fate of these people of Thebes, where each and every one finds themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Antigone has been extended through March 2, 2024 – don’t miss your chance to see Sophocles’s exhilarating poetry (and these stones!) onstage. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling the Box Office at (773) 753-4472. 

Posted on February 15, 2024 in Productions

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