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Historical Background, Dramaturgy, and Design

A man rides a large, red tractor on a black stage.
Alex Goodrich by Michael Brosilow.

These texts and resources explore the history behind Fen, its dramaturgy, and design. Take a look and learn more!

Historical Background


  • The Fenlands: Production Dramaturg Derek Matson provides an overview of the history and socioeconomic context surrounding FEN, while encouraging audiences to imagine a different, brighter future.
  • Theatre & Thought Series: In 2020, Court conducted a series of conversations regarding Caryl Churchill’s Fen. Check out these discussions to deepen your knowledge of this ambitious, visceral production.
  • Where is He Off To? The Japanese Businessman and Foreign Shadow in Fen: Wenke (Coco) Huang shares the importance of the Businessman character in Fen, shedding light on the economics, politics, and racism that pervade our globalized past and present.
  • Britishisms: Explore this vocabulary list compiled by dramaturg Derek Matson. These definitions may help provide some context for regional and colloquial language in the fens. 


Posted on January 25, 2023 in Learning Guides, Productions

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