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Dramaturgy at Court

During our Deep Dive and Theatre & Thought series, audiences got a glimpse into the dramaturgical process. With each production, the material was examined from multiple perspectives, from the authority of lived experiences to scholarly history to analytical critique.

These series allowed audiences to participate in creative journeys fueled by dramaturgical practices that are usually behind-the-scenes efforts done well before viewers ever consume the staged production. The opportunity to delve into the impressive world of dramaturgy provides new nuance in understanding and appreciating all the work that goes into theatrical processes. 

Before each reading of the plays, audiences witnessed a truncated dramaturgical process. Viewing the background lectures provided by different figures every week, they were presented with the types of information that dramaturgs often come across and hand over to the director. Yet, only snippets of this journey were seen. Had each been a full production, the dramaturgical process would be even more in-depth.

The dramaturg is vital to all the works a theatre produces. From the realism of design to the choices of the director, the dramaturg is present and equipped with the knowledge and research skills necessary to make sure each production comes to life. Court is grateful for all the hard work our dramaturgs do to bring creative visions to the stage, and for how our unique connection to the University of Chicago often leads to an even greater depth of scholarship surrounding the plays wee produce.

Interested in delving deeper into the dramaturgical process? Tune into our next Theatre & Thought production, Caryl Churchill’s FEN + The Dramaturgical Process!

Posted on December 3, 2020 in Productions

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