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Q & A with TITANIC Sound Designer Mikhail Fiksel

In this time of theatrical experimentation, we wanted our audiences to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our upcoming production, Titanic (Scenes… Read More

10 Reasons Owen McCafferty’s Titanic Is Better Than James Cameron’s

Owen McCafferty’s play was first performed 100 years after the sinking of RMS Titanic and 15 years… Read More

TITANIC: Pop Culture Roundup

The story of the Titanic has pervaded popular culture from the moment the news of its sinking spread. Mere… Read More

Joseph Laroche and the Legacy of RMS Titanic

As a result of deeper research into Laroche’s life and tragic death, more works have been released about his story. From professors to… Read More

Titanic: Legacy

The speedy hare racing the tortoise. Odysseus battling the Cyclops. Icarus learning the joy of flight. And…the officials involved in RMS… Read More

Titanic: Owen McCafferty’s Play and Artistic Inspiration

The fate of Titanic has served as tragic inspiration for multiple artists in different mediums, from paintings to literature. Read More

The Story of Joseph Laroche, The Only Black Man on RMS Titanic

In many depictions of the events surrounding RMS Titanic, the people shown are white and many assume… Read More

Titanic: The Ship and the Numbers

Want to know more about the famous ship before you view our production of Owen McCafferty’s Titanic (Scenes from the British Wreck… Read More

Titanic: The Crash and the Inquiry

Titanic. A name that has gone down in infamy as a sensationalized nautical tragedy. Read More

TITANIC Scenic Design

Getting ready for the premiere of our production of Owen McCafferty’s Titanic (Scenes from the British Wreck Commissioner’s Inquiry, 1912)… Read More

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