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Ready for revolution! Meet the incredible cast bringing Stokely: The Unfinished Revolution – a world premiere by Nambi E. Kelley (Native Son) – to life. From left to right: Anthony Irons, Wandachristine, Kelvin Roston Jr., Dee Dee Batteast, and Melanie Brezill.

A grid of five headshots.

Director Tasia A. Jones says, “Stokely Carmichael—also known as Kwame Ture—was a central figure in the Civil Rights movement and a global activist for decades after. He set out to document his life and legacy in his memoir Ready for Revolution to provide a path forward for those ready to continue the fight against racism and injustice. Though he passed away from cancer before he could finish this blueprint, the book was completed and edited by his friend and collaborator Ekwueme Michael Thelwell. This play is inspired by the voice and pursuit of the man detailed in that autobiography.

As a Black theatre artist, I am a direct descendant of his work and purpose. This being a world premiere of a new play means that every person who touches this project is contributing to furthering the legacy of one of our great leaders and thinkers. Every audience member who sees this production will also become a part of that legacy. I find that really exciting.” Join us for the revolution. Join us for Stokely.

To complement this production, we’re proud to present the Black Power Series, a collection of public talks, artist responses, archival showings, and exhibitions that explore the monumentality of Black contributions to American history and culture. All events in the Black Power Series are free and open to the public.

Stokely: The Unfinished Revolution runs from May 24 – June 16, and the Black Power Series runs from May 23 – June 10. Tickets to Stokely and the Black Power Series can be booked online or by calling the Box Office at (773) 753-4472. 

Posted on April 29, 2024 in Productions

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