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Meet Augie March!

Patrick Mulvey at first rehearsal for THE ADVENTURES OF AUGIE MARCH. Photo by Joe Mazza.

Patrick Mulvey at first rehearsal for THE ADVENTURES OF AUGIE MARCH. Photo by Joe Mazza.

This Spring, Court’s World Premiere Production of “The Adventures of Augie March brings a fresh new face to Court’s stage! Actor Patrick Mulvey makes his Court debut in the title role, portraying Augie at various ages and stages of life. Before you see him onstage, read on to learn a little bit more about Patrick, his connections to Chicago, and his excitement for this production!

The Adventures of Augie March is set primarily in Chicago, where novelist Saul Bellow spent much of his life, and where playwright David Auburn went to school at the University of Chicago. What’s your connection to the city?

Patrick: I was born and raised in Joliet, IL, just 30 minutes south of Chicago. Growing up, my parents and I often came to the city to see shows and go out. After college, when I moved back from living in the UK for a few years, my very first show here was working at the Goodman Theatre on a show that Charlie Newell directed. Incidentally, that show is where I met my wife, and to this day Chicago will always be the place we call home.

Why do you think that this is an important, relevant story to be sharing right now?

Patrick: Whether it’s today, last year, or ten years from now, I don’t think there is a person who gets through life without questioning deeply who they are. Not to be morose, but I think we are all going through different stages of are we walking out of the woods, or are we walking further into them? I think anyone who sees this show can identify a parallel to their own journey, even if they haven’t trained an eagle in falconry. 

What’s most exciting to you about playing Augie March in this world-premiere adaptation?

Patrick: I spent my last year in high school at Interlochen School of the Arts and I remember being jealous when a fellow classmate got to work on Proof in their scene study. So to be able to originate any role, let alone the title role in a new work of David Auburn’s, means a lot. 

You’ve most recently worked on film and TV sets. What is the difference between preparing for a series versus preparing for your role as Augie March onstage?

Patrick: Well, an hour long television drama is anywhere from 50-70 pages, with the actor getting several takes to refine their performance and tell the story. I love working in film and television because there is a certain energy on set and the unknown about what the finished product will be. And in this show tonight, we perform over 200 pages of script, with no second takes. That brings its own kind of magic. I’ll tell you, this ensemble has worked hard and collaborated in an extremely bold way to bring the show to life. 

Performances of The Adventures of Augie March begin May 9! Save your seats →

Posted on April 29, 2019 in Productions

4 responses on “Meet Augie March!”

  1. Carl & Nelly Bessette says:

    We look forward to seeing the show on May 26th and showing our support for Patrick.

  2. Nelly Bessette says:

    Patrick we are so looking forward to your performance on May 26th!!

  3. Sharon S. says:

    Patrick (and the entire cast) really brought this story to life. First to knock! Fabulous performance. Loved it!

    1. Brent Ervin-Eickhoff says:

      Thanks for coming, Sharon! We’re so glad you enjoyed the production!

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