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Historical Background, Dramaturgy, and Design

A set model depicting an English court.
Set model by Linda Buchanan.

Explore the history behind The Lion in Winter, its dramaturgy, and the design of Court Theatre’s production.

Historical Background

Did you know that the characters in The Lion in Winter are based on real historical figures? Politics in the 12th century weren’t any less complicated than they are now; explore more of the real-life history behind this story by checking out the videos and resources below! 



  • Behind the Scenes: Learn about the background, context, and creative decisions informing the costume and set designs of The Lion in Winter.
  • Culture and Region as Told Through Props: Properties Manager Lara Musard reveals how a guest bed serves as a metaphor for queerness in The Lion in Winter.

Posted on October 21, 2023 in Learning Guides, Productions

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