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Things Nobody Tells You About Opening a B & B During A Murder Investigation

In THE MOUSETRAP, Mollie Ralston and her husband, Giles, open up a guesthouse in the 1950s. However, the dreams of financial success are put on hold when their first round of guests is snowed in amidst reports of a murderer on the loose. In this humorous article, the pros and cons of opening up a B&B during a murder investigation are weighed.

You finally did it. After months of unconvincing discussions with your reluctant business partner, gathering supplies, and coordinating the rooms, it’s the opening day of your very own B & B. You never thought this day would come, but it’s here, and now you’re plagued by doubts. Did you stock enough wine? Will the hens lay enough eggs for everyone? I didn’t investigate my clients to see if they are upright citizens—what if someone is unruly? You never know who may stumble into your cute little guesthouse. 

two person wearing horse heads sitting on folding chairs while playing accordions beside brown concrete building

#1: You will deal with strange people.

The guests are somewhat eccentric. They definitely have distinct personalities…and complaints. Nobody told me this was going to be so stressful. 

two brown fox

#2: You will fight with your business partner.

My business partner is beginning to sound unsupportive. Why didn’t they mention all of these points when I first introduced the idea to them? Why wait until we have a manor full of strange customers? 

House, Snow, Buried, Winter, December, January, Storm

#3: You will be at the mercy of nature. Look forward to the most inconvenient weather possible.

And now there’s a blizzard outside trapping us all together. My business partner is constantly refueling the heating system with coke. Nobody can come in or leave. What if we run out of supplies? We’ll be stranded!

Cat, Feral, Street, Homeless, Animal, Kitten, Stray

#4: You will be suspicious of everyone.

A murder investigation?! At MY manor?! I heard about the crime on the radio, but how was I supposed to know that my adorable manor was going to be the primary site of investigation? I don’t know who to trust anymore. Nobody told me cold-blooded killers use houses in the middle of nowhere to hide from the law. 

Question Marks, Punctuation, Symbol, Sign, Help

#5: You will be a suspect.

It’s already challenging being a young entrepreneur making it in 1950s England, now I have to contend with murder accusations. Nobody told me my past was going to come back to haunt me when I decided to open up this B & B. I thought I was moving forward, now all I’m doing is looking back.

Mop, Bucket, Chores, Housework, Clean, Household

#6: Someone will die and you’re going to be the one to clean up after the murderer.

Now THIS. A dead body in my living room. Not only was I the first one to come across the body, I’m also the one who has to clean up that room now. I did not sign up for this. Nobody told me how unpleasant this would be.

Skull, Cemetery, Genoa, Teeth, Bone, Die, Death

#7: You might die.

This would seem self-evident but when the reality sets in, it is difficult to cope.

Question Mark, Important, Sign, Problem, Search, Help

#8: Your beliefs will be questioned.

I like to believe the best in people, but now, I realize everybody has their secrets, including me, that they cannot escape. So much for my B & B dreams.

At the end, you realize you should have thought your business plan over more. After everything is resolved, maybe you’ll consider opening again one day, when murder is not afoot. 

Want to see how things fare for Mollie Ralston’s B&B dreams in The Mousetrap? Performances run January 16 – February 16, 2020. Save your seats today!

Posted on January 6, 2020 in Productions

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  1. Dean says:

    Ah and this is The Mousetrap…Thank you Court Theatre for mounting this classic.

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