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Stokely: The Unfinished Revolution Creators Appear on AirGo Radio

Nambi E. Kelley and Tasia A. Jones with the hosts of the AirGo Podcast
Photo of Nambi E. Kelley, Tasia A. Jones, Damon A. Williams, and Daniel Kisslinger by Ollie Photography.

On Friday, May 31, Playwright Nambi E. Kelley and Director Tasia A. Jones had the opportunity to chat about the world premiere of Stokely: The Unfinished Revolution on the AirGo Podcast. Together, they discussed the influence Kwame Ture has had on their lives and work, and the interplay between creator and subject.

The episode just dropped, so even though the world premiere of Stokely: The Unfinished Revolution has closed, you can still dive into the creative process with the women who brought this work to the stage. Listen as they discuss the power of the archive, storytelling, and the unflaggable Kwawe Ture himself.

AirGo is a local Chicago podcast produced by Respair Production and Media that works to reshape and highlight revelatory, creative local culture. Thanks to them, you can keep engaging with the work long after the show’s closed. Check it out!

Posted on July 10, 2024 in Productions, Theatre News

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