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No Progress Without Struggle

Director of Engagement Kamilah Rashied assesses the role of power in THE LION IN WINTER, ANTIGONE, and this season's Engagement programming.

Queering the Medieval Family Drama

University of Chicago Professor Leslie Buxbaum considers the relationships in THE LION IN WINTER, their respective queerness (or lack thereof), and what an audience deems gasp-worthy.

History Alive Activity

Take a stab at bringing history alive! Dive deeper into the timeline of the Plantagenet family and put your own creative spin on these characters and the real history behind them with this all-ages activity.

Post-Show ‘Connect the Dots’ Activity

Contemplate the connections between THE LION IN WINTER and other cultural phenomena, past and present! This reflection activity is suitable for learners of all ages.

Pre-Show History Activity

Engage students with the world of the Middle Ages, both in Europe and beyond, to build their understanding of what this time period was really like.

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