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Nicholas Rudall Endowed Fund

Nicholas RudallEarlier this year, Court Theatre’s production of Iphigenia in Aulis was remounted at the Getty Villa in Malibu, California. While this was a major achievement for our Court community, it is a particular triumph for Nick Rudall.

Three years ago, Nick was an integral part of Court’s 60th anniversary celebration, engaging with us in great generosity of spirit and characteristic wit and wisdom. It gave a renewed appreciation of his exceptional leadership of Court during his tenure as Artistic Director.

During the planning of the 60th season, he led the theatre in the creation of the three-year Greek Cycle of Iphigenia in Aulis, Agamemnon, and Electra, serving as the project’s translator and advisor. This unique and ambitious undertaking reinforced Court’s national standing as a daring and innovative force, with far-reaching recognition.

Long before this, Nick laid the foundation that has influenced the success that Court Theatre is enjoying.  It was Nick, who:

  • Turned a summer diversion into a professional theatre company;
  • Created the excitement and attention that led to the University of Chicago’s decision to build a home for the theatre; and
  • Attracted an audience that came to see the classics and intellectually engaging work.

Now is the moment to celebrate this remarkable man, whose contributions, not only to Court Theatre but to the University of Chicago, have been many and varied: as a teacher and professor, an actor, a director, a gifted translator and overall, a man whose enthusiasm for what is excellent in his eyes, knows no bounds. As a Court patron, you have had the distinction of being directly impacted by Nick’s many talents. ■

To make a contribution to the Nicholas Rudall Endowed Fund, please contact Andrew Berg, Director of Development, at 773-834-3305 or email, or make a gift online.

Thanks to the following donors for their support:

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Prof. and Mrs. Robert Aliber
Mary Anton and Paul Barron
Judith Barnard and Michael Fain
Anne Berlin
Heather Bilandic Black
Renee and Norman Bodarky
Phyllis B. Booth
Carol Jean and Bernard Brown
Joyce and Bruce Chelberg
Joan and Warwick Coppleson
Mr. Charles F. Custer
Ivan Dee
Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly
Wendy Espeland and Bruce Carruthers
Gary and Virginia Gerst
Ms. Mary Gugenheim and Mr. Jon Will
Debra Hammond and Jack Spicer
Mr. Neil Harris
Dr. Lynn Hauser and Dr. Neil Ross
Thea and Christopher Janus
Ms. Maureen Kelly
Barbara and David Lader
Clare Lorring
Ms. Corinne Lyon
Robert Moyer and Anita Nagler
Charles Newell and Kate Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nielsen
Mr. Richard Posner
Barbara and Robert Richards
Thomas Rosenbaum and Katherine Faber
Barbara and Marshall Sahlins
Ms. Jane Nicholl Sahlins
Lynne F. and Ralph A. Schatz
David J. and Marilyn Fatt Vitale
S.C. Wright and Sara Paretsky
Paul and Mary Yovovich
Mr. Howard Zar


Photo by Joe Mazza.

Posted on November 1, 2017 in Donor Stories, Support

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