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Lots of Love for Five Guys Named Moe

Critics can’t get enough of the Five Guys Named Moe fun!

“If you cannot enjoy yourself at this, well, then you’re no fun at all, dear reader … What matters most here is that the material is respected, the audience is nurtured, warmth comes in great waves, and thus the collective spirit in the joint gets a big lift from the same man who made some of the grandparents of those in attendance feel better.”

Chicago Tribune (Chris Jones, 3.5 stars)

Five Guys Named Moe lights up the stage of the Court Theatre with this irresistibly joyful, downright hilarious, all too rarely revived 1990 musical … The very definition of pure, unadulterated theatrical fun, Five Guys leaves the audience in a palpable state of elation.”

“The actors at Court are absolutely phenomenal and have the audience in stitches from the moment they clamber out of that console radio … The “Moes” … are spectacular singers, dancers and comedians, and possess the sort of firecracker energy that makes you hope there is an oxygen machine in the wings.”

Chicago Sun-Times (Hedy Weiss, Highly Recommended)

“Smash-Hit, Slick, Fast Paced, Breathtaking and Very, Entertaining… The band was extraordinary and brought Louis Jordan music back to life… We highly recommend the musical Five Guys Named Moe, it was an unbeatable treat of fun and laughter that came with a high voltage of energy.”

Chicago Now (Rick and Brenda McCain, Highly Recommended)

“Director Ron OJ Parson and Associate Director Felicia P. Fields have done a magnificent job breathing new life to this well-known collection of Louis Jordan songs in a way that is beyond entertaining and engaging.”

Five Guys Named Moe captures the power of music in a way that will hit home with an audience that takes part in making it a night to remember … We need to smile and laugh more at life, and this play allows us to do just that amongst friends and strangers.”

PerformInk (Naima Dawson)

“rousing, high-energy revue … [Six] actors, accompanied by a terrific six-member band, sing, dance, strut, and shout their way through this seminal material, showing us at every turn what made Jordan great, and why so many rock ‘n’ roll pioneers, Chuck Berry among them, were inspired by him.”

Chicago Reader (Jack Helbig, Recommended)

“The very capable group of Five Moes were absolutely terrific! They work so well together and seamlessly move in and out of each scene.  It was a pleasure to watch them work their magic. … Overall, this is one big party, with great music, a very clever set, and strong performances.”

Around the Town Chicago (Michael Horn, 4 stars)

“[A] perpetual motion machine ensemble with rhythm … Five Guys Named Moe is first and foremost about FUN.”

Picture This Post (Amy Munice, Recommended)

“[Y]ou’ll be hard-pressed to find a more enjoyable way to spend an evening.”

The Hawk Chicago (Emily Schmidt, Recommended)

“A true ensemble piece, the performances are so strong it is difficult to single out any member of the cast. The five Moes and Nomax have an infectiously joyful chemistry that charms early on.”

Northwest Herald (Kathryn A. McCord)

“We highly recommend the musical Five Guys Named Moe, it was an unbeatable treat of fun and laughter that came with a high voltage of energy.”

Let’s Play (Rick & Brenda McCain)

“…the music is beautiful and beautifully rendered, the charm of the cast is positively infectious, and the design and conceptual work is smart and well executed. In short, when the music is in full swing, you’ll be pressed to find a more infectious show in Chicago right now.”

Chicagoland Musical Theatre (Bryson David Hoff)

Posted on September 20, 2017 in Productions, Theatre News

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