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Two people face one another. One looks confused, the other looks satisfied with their hands in a shrug.
Photo of Anthony Irons, Wandachristine, and Kelvin Roston Jr. by Michael Brosilow.

Check out this list of definitions and references compiled to enhance your understanding of Stokely: The Unfinished Revolution.

Tante(n) French, Dutch, Indonesia (based on Dutch language), German, Danish, and Yiddish word for aunt; Trinidad was colonized by Spain, but home to many French colonizers
Pelau(n) A staple Trinidadian rice dish, often including chicken and pigeon peas 
Schomburg Library(n) The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture; located in Harlem and the largest archive of Black history in the U.S.
Chuts(int) Trinidadian slang to express frustration or exasperation; similar to “oh, shucks!” 
Paisano(n) Countryman, comrade, pal; from Italian
Drivel(n) Nonsense 
Reds(n) Slur for Communists 
Coup(n) A sudden seizure of power; a violent government takeover  
Oust(v) To remove or force out, as a person 
Adage(n) A wise proverb or saying 
Biddy(n) An older woman; a cleaning woman or domestic worker; a disparaging term for a gossipy woman 

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