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The Chairs

by Eugene Ionesco
translated by Martin Crimp
directed by Martin Platt

Nov 08, 2001 — Dec 09, 2001

“Court’s mounting of this absurdist classic doesn’t miss a beat. Martin Platt’s direction is deliberate and focused, emphasizing the air of inevitability that suffuses the addled end-of-the-line dialogue… I’m hard put to imagine one more inventive and affecting than Court’s apocalyptic piece of stagecraft.” -Reader

In this very funny but tragic farce, an elderly couple amuse themselves and justify their lives’ lost potential by creating fictional stories. An Old man imagines he has a great message that will save the world, and that multitudes are coming to hear it. As these guests arrive, his wife brings in a crowd of chairs to accommodate them. The line between fantasy and hallucination is blurred as the couple’s game becomes their reality, leading to a shocking and ironic climax.

Photo of Hollis Resnik and Jeff Still by Michael Brosilow.

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