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Welcome Eighth Blackbird

A group of musicians play on a crowded stage. There is a woman playing a violin, a woman playing the cello, and a man playing the clarinet in the background.
Photo by Alex Boerner.

Court Theatre, in partnership with UChicago Presents, is delighted to welcome acclaimed musical ensemble, Eighth Blackbird, to our space for a limited-run performance of their innovative and enchanting work, composition as explanation.

Eighth Blackbird (8BB) has been pushing the interpretative boundaries of chamber music since its first choreographed program in 1996. So far, the organization has created seven full evening-length staged productions. What began as an experiment has become a repertoire coined as “Super Chamber Music” by composer David Lang. This still-unofficial genre falls in the cracks between music and theater and has been a conundrum for marketing professionals for two decades. Nonetheless, 8BB does it anyway. This playground between disciplines is an inevitable extension of Eighth Blackbird’s inner workings. It is the guts and it is the bones of their artistry. 

A woman in a white top, a black top hat, and brown and yellow checkered pants holds a clipboard. She is standing to a man wearing suspenders and a brown tie. He is shrugging.
Photo by Alex Boerner.

composition as explanation is 8BB’s next foray into uncharted aesthetic territories. This time the evening is composed by David Lang and directed by Anne Bogart, though the true hero of the evening is Gertrude Stein. Her essay (by the same name) is the heart and breath of this work. 

How should 8BB bring an audience into the repetitive and plainspoken and circular format of Stein’s writing? She has blurred the relationship between her content, her form, and her performance. 8BB follows her lead and blurs performance distinctions between instrumental virtuosity, chamber ensemble dexterity, acting, singing, costume, lighting, audio, and staging.

Is this work really all about Stein though? No. Her writing is the catalyst, but what the audience leaves with is a new point of inquiry regarding how they absorb art. Any art. By lifting Stein’s enigmatic oration from the printed page, 8BB creates layers of interpretation and reveals the human relationship with art from an entirely unprecedented perspective. A perspective that is experienced, rather than erudite, as thoughtful, clever, humorous, intuitive, insightful, and joyful. 

composition as explanation runs from Sept 28 – 30, 2023 and tickets are on sale now! Tickets can be purchased online or by calling the Box Office at (773)753-4472.

Posted on July 24, 2023 in Theatre News

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