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Connecting with the Community

We interviewed Aaron Mays, Court’s Community Programs Manager, to hear more about the recent work of our Community Partners Initiative to connect surrounding Chicago communities with the power of theatre.


This Fall, Court will be staging THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS, a one-of-a-kind theatrical event that breathes new life into a classic myth with a score of powerful gospel music.

Ellida’s Choice

How is Ellida similar to other Ibsenian heroines? Learn about the choice she's faced with in THE LADY FROM THE SEA and how she navigates society's gendered confines.

Ibsen in Performance

Discover how different directors and actors have brought Ibsen to life on stage and film.

Ibsen, Folklore, and Myth

Learn more about how folklore inspired THE LADY FROM THE SEA, one of Ibsen's most mercurial plays.

Her Choice

Ibsen scholar Dr. Ruth Schor reflects on the role of choice in the playwright's canon.

Ibsen in Popular Culture

How have Ibsen and THE LADY FROM THE SEA influenced other aspects of pop culture? Find out in this blog about Ibsen on film.

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