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Q&A: Timothy Edward Kane

Timothy Edward Kane is no stranger to the stages and the classrooms at the University of Chicago. He returned to teaching this spring with a master class in acting, where he shared his experiences of performing classic roles and brought his students into the Harvey rehearsal process.

Shining a Light on Hidden Gems: Court’s Spotlight Reading Series

The Spotlight Reading Series is the brainchild of Ron OJ Parson, Court’s Resident Artist. Ron believes that the classic canon should include writers of color, and wanted to bring classic but rarely seen plays to a younger audience, and to the community at large.

The Improbable Life of Mary Chase

Mary Chase lived a raucous, improbable life. Born Mary McDonough in Denver in 1906, she joked that her family’s home “was not quite on the wrong side of the tracks, but the noise of the trains reached it.”

Donors Make a Difference: Judy Chernick

Judy Chernick’s relationship with Court dates back to the days when the company performed in Hutchinson Court on the University of Chicago campus. A season ticket subscriber since the early 1970s, Judy has been a donor for just as long, finding the connection between being a supporter and an audience member a natural fit.

Director Devon de Mayo is here to make you laugh.

“I just believe in joy, and I think it’s imperative as theatre artists to bring it to the stage, to hear audiences laugh, and to feel a sense of community through that laughter,” she says.

Can a True Scientist Believe in God?

In The Hard Problem, Hilary is a young psychologist who struggles with questions of faith. She is mocked by fellow scientists for her beliefs, from her nightly prayers to her attempts to meld her scientific research with her faith.

Do You Identify with Hilary?

Considering the intellectual complexity of this play, The Hard Problem artistic team was extremely grateful to work with faculty members that bring a diverse range of expertise to the rehearsal process. We took a moment to ask these scholars about whether or not they identify with the play’s protagonist, Hilary.

Q&A: Tom Stoppard

A brief Q&A with playwright Tom Stoppard about consciousness, the financial crisis, and altruism.