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Court Receives 13 Jeff Nominations for 2017/18 Season

Court Theatre is thrilled to announce that we received 13 Jeff Award nominations for last season’s productions! Each year, the Joseph Jefferson Awards committee honors outstanding Chicago area theatre and artists.

Pittsburgh’s Place within August Wilson’s World

To learn more about Pittsburgh’s place in Wilson’s plays, we interviewed Laurence Glasco, Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Pittsburgh. He shares his thoughts on the significance of real estate, memory, and class in the Hill District, the Pittsburgh neighborhood in which Radio Golf unfolds.

Q&A: Director Ron OJ Parson

Production Dramaturg Martine Kei Green-Rogers sat down with Director Ron OJ Parson to discuss his long history with August Wilson’s work and why he keeps coming back to it. 

Angel Ysaguirre Appointed Executive Director

We are thrilled to announce Angel Ysaguirre as Court Theatre's new Executive Director, beginning September 4th. He will join Charlie Newell, Marilyn F. Vitale Artistic Director, as co-leader of the theatre.

Celebrating Founding Artistic Director Nicholas Rudall

Nicholas Rudall, Court’s beloved Founding Artistic Director, passed away peacefully surrounded by family on June 19th. We all have been inspired and profoundly enriched by Nick's beautiful artistry for decades, and we are indebted to him for the enduring gift of this precious theatre.

You are opening Court’s doors to students across the South Side!

The generous gifts of Court donors like you are already being put to work as Court’s new Director of Education Patrese McClain plans for the upcoming school year. And thanks to the generosity of the Betty Lou Smith Fund, all the increased, new, and additional gifts received in support of Court’s Education Initiative have been matched and doubled!

Critics Issue Opinions on ‘The Originalist’

Since opening night on May 19, critics have issued their opinions of The Originalist. While the majority opinion recommends the production, Chris Jones over at the Chicago Tribune offers a mild dissent. In the spirit of civil discourse, we present you with a variety of critic viewpoints. But don't let them decide; join us at Court Theatre and you be the judge.

Scalia’s Scathing Dissents

Known for his quick wit as much as his sharp legal mind, Scalia was, in the words of playwright John Strand, “a puncher.”

What is Originalism?

Is the Constitution a living document, one that should change and evolve over time, or is it a text frozen in the moment of its creation, strictly bound by the Founding Fathers’ original intentions?  David A. Strauss, Gerald Ratner Distinguished Service Professor of Law at the University of Chicago, addresses this question. 

Playwright John Strand on Justice Scalia

John Strand was the playwright in residence at Arena Stage in Washington, D.C. when his play, The Originalist, premiered in 2015. We spoke with Strand to discover how he created a version of Justice Scalia for the stage, and what his motivation was for exploring this complex moment in America’s highest court.

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