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Artists & Elders: Sheldon Brown & Larry Wolf

Sheldon Brown is on a never-ending journey to stand true in his inner carefree Black boy self. His journey began in Dayton, Ohio where he was raised by a Southern grandmother (Louisiana), daughter of a sharecropper, a strong woman that he cherishes and carries with him everywhere he goes. His journey led him to study acting at Emerson College in Boston, study abroad and travel across Europe, and now he is currently nestled in Chicago where he’s made his work tell the stories that he’s always wanted to tell and more left to be told. His work has allowed him to work all over Chicago, film across the country, and currently see his first feature, Cicada, make a grand splash through the indie film fest circuit. He is also a teaching artist, a board member with About Face Theatre, and a recipient of the Presidential Creative Courage Award from his alma mater for his art to educate, and inspire others to create social change. He cherishes his ancestors and is grateful for the road they paved for him to walk firmly and proudly in his being and his right to be.

Larry Wolf’s inner queer boy dances with the outer world, a dance which changes the world and the dancer, a dance has brought him here and now, to Chicago, with his best friend, lover, husband, of 21 years. Larry’s life journey began in The Bronx, the eldest child in a Jewish family, and an early love for walking, to the park, to school, across cities, across the caldera of a volcano, through museums, art galleries, bookstores, libraries; Cabot Vermont, Louisville Kentucky, Ann Arbor Michigan, Chicago Illinois, Hilo Hawaii, Florence Italy, Santa Fe New Mexico, Vancouver and Victoria British Columbia. His curiosity took him from sailing in Maine to the imagined future worlds of the NY World’s Fair and then creating that future through his work in health information systems and his advocacy for LGBTQ people. There are also times for quiet reflection, silent retreats, extended meditation practice, teaching and coaching. Today Larry uses pencils, brushes, and cameras, reading and writing, to bring his experience into visual form.

Film and Photo Credit: Christian Denzel Bufford




Posted on November 24, 2020 in Artists & Elders

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