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Subscriptions are on sale now → Don’t miss August Wilson, a gothic monster tale, a brilliant female scientist, seven courageous African American women, and the world premiere adaptation of a classic American novel.

Tickets on sale Monday

Up Next: Radio Golf

Tickets to August Wilson's Radio Golf go on sale Monday, July 23.  Don't miss the play the New York Times called "Surprising, suspenseful, and crowd-rousing." Resident Artist Ron OJ Parson directs his seventh Wilson play at Court Theatre. Learn More→

Spotlight Reading

The Independence of Eddie Rose Eddie is forced to choose between the learned way of a broken society and traditional values of the Red Road. While pursuing self-discovery, he saves his younger sister and, with the help of his aunt’s wisdom, works to save his family. Free on July 23→Get tickets.

Welcome Angel Ysaguirre

We are thrilled to announce Angel Ysaguirre as Court Theatre’s new Executive Director, beginning September 4th. He will join Charlie Newell, Marilyn F. Vitale Artistic Director, as co-leader of the theatre. Read More