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The Liminal Space

Temporarily shuttered by the pandemic, American theatres hang in a liminal state, moving from what was to what will be next. We invite you to sit with us during this pause and to contemplate all that has transpired between these walls and all our ambitions for what theatre can be in the future. View the Live Stream → 

Schedule Changes


We have cancelled The Lady from the Sea and An Iliad. We will reschedule performances of An Iliad to a later time. The Gospel at Colonus will now run in the 2020/21 Season. We have also extended the subscription renewal deadline. Learn More → 

New Director of Education

We are thrilled to welcome visionary artist and administrator Kamilah Rashied as Court’s new Director of Education.


The Work Ahead of Us

We share our plans to serve the South Side community as well as the Black community at large more powerfully.