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Begins January 17

Photograph 51

Photograph 51 shares the complex story of an ambitious female scientist in a world of men, her pursuit for the secret of life, and her forgotten accomplishments. → Featuring Chaon Cross as chemist Rosalind Franklin

Girls in middle and high school are invited to share their interests in STEM fields by completing a brief survey. Responses will be showcased during Photograph 51 in a Court lobby display representing the future of women in STEM. → Share with the STEM girls in your life!

Undergrads Share Their STEM Experiences

We asked several female UChicago undergrads in STEM to reflect on Rosalind Franklin’s and their own experiences in overcoming gender-related obstacles in their fields. → Read on

Behind the Design

We spoke with Photograph 51 scenic designer Arnel Sanciano to learn more about his process, and how he went about designing a stunning set for Anna Ziegler’s play about ambition, science, and Rosalind Franklin. → Take a Look

Spotlight Reading

THE MIGHTY GENTS, presented on Broadway in 1978, mines the desolation and desperation of a once-prolific gang to lyrically indict how society entraps black youth. February 11 → Get Free Tickets