Board of Trustees

Responsibilities of Court’s Board of Trustees include fundraising, setting policy, approving the strategic direction and plans of the theatre, approving and regularly monitoring the theatre’s annual budget and advocating for Court Theatre in the community. The Board works in close concert with the University, which bears final fiduciary and legal responsibility and authority for the theatre. Together, the Board and University guide Court’s mission and vision.


Marilyn Fatt Vitale

Vice Chairs

Linda Patton
Margaret Maxwell Zagel


Joan Coppleson


Michael McGarry


Mary Anton
Roland Baker
Joan Beugen
Leigh Breslau
Timothy Bryant
Jonathan Bunge
Kenneth Cunningham
Lorna C. Ferguson
David Fithian
Karen Frank
Barbara E. Franke
Virginia Gerst
Mary Louise Gorno
Jack Halpern
Kevin Hochberg
Dana Levinson
Karen Lewis
Michael Lowenthal
Linda Patton
Diane Saltoun
Karla Scherer
Leon Walker

Honorary Trustee

Stanley Freehling


Stephen J. Albert
David Bevington
James Chandler
Charles Newell
Larry Norman
D. Nicholas Rudall