Charles Newell, Marilyn F. Vitale Artistic Director
Stephen J. Albert, Executive Director
Ron OJ Parson, Resident Artist
Nora Titone, Resident Dramaturg
Cree Rankin, Casting Director/Artists-in-the-Schools Director

Jennifer Gadda, Director of Production
Joshua Kaiser, Assistant Production Manager/Company Manager
Ray Vlcek, Technical Director
Justin Synder, Assistant Technical Director
Lara Musard, Properties Manager
Erica Franklin, Costume Shop Manager
Jody Schmidt, Wardrobe Supervisor
Sarah Ramos, Sound and Video Supervisor
Kat Sirico, Master Electrician
Jody Schmidt, Wardrobe Supervisor
Amanda Weener-Frederick, Production Stage Manager

Susan M. Zellner, Director of Development
Erin Kelsey, Assistant Director of Development for Institutional Giving
Grace Wong, Assistant Director of Development for Individual Giving
Lauren Sheely, Development Assistant

Zachary Davis, General Manager
Laura Rummler, Management Assistant

Heidi Thompson Saunders, Managing Director
Traci Brant, Deputy Director of Marketing/Graphic Designer
Shelby Krick, Assistant Director of Marketing
Aaron Mays, Community Programs Manager
Matthew Sitz, Director of Audience Services
Diane Osolin, Box Office Manager
Heather Dumdei, Assistant Box Office Manager/Database Administrator
Gwendolyn Wiegold, Senior Box Office Assistant
Kimberly Mayer, Logan Westmoreland, Box Office Assistants
Josh Cashman, Senior House Manager
David Lew Cooper, Kyle Biemiller, House Managers
Logan McMillen, Nigel O’Hearn, Bartenders/Concessionaires

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Photo of Lisa Beasley in The Mountaintop (Michael Brosilow).