Court Theatre and the University of Chicago

Court Theatre was founded 54 years ago on the University of Chicago campus and grew into a fully professional not-for-profit company with support and collaboration from many partners throughout the campus community. Although the theatre incorporated as an independent non-profit entity in 1983, it remains in residence at the University, which provides administrative offices and an annual appropriation (constituting approximately 5% of the theatre’s operating budget) in addition to occasional special project support and capital assistance. Court works in close partnership with the University in the academic and creative spheres, serving students, faculty, and staff with a variety of programs as well as drawing upon the vast scholarly resources on campus to enhance the work on stage for artists and for audiences. Approximately half of Court’s Board of Trustees share a personal connection to the University of Chicago, including three professors and a deputy provost. The University maintains Court Theatre’s primary performance facility, the intimate, 251-seat Abelson Auditorium, as an integral part of the professional arts on campus. Court Theatre is proud to be the largest performing arts organization on the City’s South Side and a part of the rich Hyde Park cultural landscape.